• Because Zambia is an exclusive destination for a very special Incentive group
  • Because it’s rather difficult to go as an independent traveler, for logistic and budget reasons
  • Because there is no jet leg with Italy
  • Because just your valid passport is required; the visa is expressly issued on site
  • Because it offers the chance to combine an impressive nature with a wild experience
  • Because Victoria Falls is the “Queen” among all the very best, impressive, natural excursions
  • Live the spectacular beauty and wildness of the Victoria Falls by flying over the water like an Angel
  • Take a special drink at sunset cruising over the Zambesi River
  • The Royal Livingstone Express is a unique dining experience aboard a premium vintage steam train offering a journey across the magnificent Victoria FallsWorld Heritage site
  • Hearing from kilometers of distance the …Smoke that thunders
  • Enjoy a dip on the lip of the waterfall at Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls…but only if you’ve got nerves of steel
  • Stay at the Royal Livingstone, a unique colonial atmosphere that an Incentive trip should consider for the special guests

…and much more to discover!

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Golden Tips
  • Minimum stay 4 nights
  • The Trip: Victoria Falls 2 nights & Safari 2 nights
  • Best season to visit the Victoria Falls is at the end of the rainy season ( March – May ) when the Zambesi River is in full flood and the falls are at their most spectacular. The main safari season in Zambia runs from April to November: at that season game viewing become progressively more spectacular. Winter, with average temperatures of 20°C, is the best time to travel between the months of June and August. Temperatures can reach 30°C in the summer months between November and April and summer coincides with the rainy season

The land of the legendary African walking safari; Victoria Falls,  the wild Zambezi River, abundant wildlife,  and raw wilderness,  all in one friendly country.

Blessed with awe-inspiring natural wonders, an abundance of wildlife, huge water bodies and vast open spaces, Zambia offers unforgettable holidays exploring the real Africa.

In the warm heart of Africa, it is known as one of the safest countries in the world; offering some of the finest Safari experiences on the planet, including face to face encounters with Nature at its most wild.

Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of solemnity, beautiful and lurid on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was described by the Kololo tribe living in the area in the 1800’s as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. Recently called as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world.


If you love the thought of a slow immensely fascinating three hour bush walk with a world class guide, dream of paddling a two man canoe down the Zambezi as elephants cavort at the water’s edge and kingfishers dive, or crave the excitement of watching a gorgeous leopard move with graceful power through the savannah, you’ll certainly enjoy a Zambia safari experience.

A Zambia safari is for people who like their safaris a little more active and adventurous and because the best camps have been set up by enterprising guides, the accommodation, while certainly comfortable, is at heart a “bush camp” each with its own personality.

The Zambezi is one of the world’s great rivers, up to half a mile wide. Its faster flowing near Victoria Falls, slower and filled with wildlife 500 miles east by the Lower Zambezi National Park. From June to November the Lower Zambezi teems with wildlife.

The highlight of a Zambia safari in the Lower Zambezi has to be the unforgettable sight of elephants emerging from the bush at the end of a long day to drink, splash themselves down, play and relax on the river. You could sit in a boat with a cool drink and watch them forever.


Zambia is the safari country most influenced by seasonal weather.  The reasons are that some areas have “cotton soil” which is impassable after a small amount of rain, and also because the Luangwa River is not controlled by a dam so it floods part of the National Park in the Luangwa valley.  The main safari season in Zambia runs from April to November.  As that season game viewing becomes progressively more spectacular.  By July many of the seasonal waterholes have dried out so more animals make their way to the Zambezi, Luangwa and other rivers for vital water.  The Zambezi is often besieged by elephants by late afternoon in the second half of the year!

Victoria Falls is at its fullest from February to September and you can enjoy a wide range of adventure activities there all year round.


In the long dry season the Zambezi is the main water source for thousands of animals. From mid- afternoon elephants, cats, antelope and buffalo emerge from the bush and crowd the water’s edge. This is the best time for a slow boat ride or even better to drift past at a respectful distance in a stable canoe. From a superb camp the guides will take you downstream by boat past all the animals and birds. Then a vehicle will meet you and you can see them all again as you meander back to camp as the sun sets.


One of Africa’s great scenic wonders. You can stand half way across facing a mile’s width of waterfall. The ground vibrates through your feet, the roar fills your head and a million droplets of spray swirl upwards – a multi-sensory experience! We’ll take you over the falls in a microlight, below in a raft, and along the big river above on a sundowner cruise. There are elephant back safaris, walking with lions, fishing and much more. The five star Royal Livingstone or the small lodges on the river are perfect for a some relaxation after your safari.