One of Central America’s least visited, but most rewarding destinations with diverse wildlife, hidden ruins and plenty of eco-luxury. Untouched jungle and steep canyons, white-water rafting and cascading waterfalls, or – if you’re seeking peace and quiet – there’s fine dining, spa treatments, bird watching and stargazing. To the north you’ll find the Bay Islands, home to world-class diving. While to the west are the famous Copan ruins – one of the finest of the area’s Mayan sites.

Unpackaged, unfiltered, unspoiled: this is the majesty of Honduras. From breathtaking sunsets in Roatan, to the misty green mountains of Pico Bonito, Honduras is a vibrant wonderland, full of adventure and unexpected beauties. And again, Honduras has the largest tropical biosphere in North America; colonial cities’ splendor and warmth of its people!

On his fourth and last expedition to the New World, Christopher Columbus set foot on the beaches of what is today the city of Trujillo. He named this new land Honduras (depths), for the deep waters of its shores. The lush and mountainous country of Honduras promises to be a unique and eclectic trip. The Mayan ruins of Copan and their superb steles, lake Yojoa reflecting the clouds in its deep blue water, immense national parks and waterfalls, charming colonial cities lost in the mountains.

Also, mangroves and lagunas, heavenly Caribbean islands bordered by a turquoise sea, coral reef inhabited by one of the world´s richest marine wildlife, and a mixed culture enriched by Indian, Garifuna, Latino, European ethnic groups and descendants of pirates. As “catrachos” (Hondurans) say, « Todo esta aqui ! ».


The Bay Island is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world after Australia. In addition to the while-sand beaches and turquoise waters, the abundance and variety of marine life is impressive as are the many sporting activities, the parks and museum. The combination of natural beauty and luxury accomodation make an excellent investment for your extraordinary holiday.


The ancient city of Copan was one of the most important urban centers of the Mayan civilization. Visiting the nearby colonial town of Copan is a special way of exploring the other side of this majestic archaeological site. The cobble-stone streets, quaint architecture and gentle will make your visit an unforgettable experience.
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