The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua in the last ten years has chosen a policy of peace and democracy and transformed itself into one of the safest and quietest destinations in the area. It is a virgin and authentic destination. We invite you to discover its lakes, volcanoes, and its exotic colonial cities.

The name of Nicaragua comes from Nicarao, an Indian chief who became allied to the Conquistadors when in 1524, Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba founded the first colonies.

Explore this surprising country starting with León, Nicaragua’s historical, cultural and religious capital; some bird-watching on the estuaries, numerous mangrove habitats or climbing active and dormant volcanoes like Mombacho or Cerro Negro and Lake Nicaragua ;relax at a wonderful prestigious property with white and black sand beaches in the Caribbean Islands.

Granada, offers to travelers the romantic experience to enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Spanish colonial city, including a climb to the top of the bell tower where you can take an alternative, unique view of this colonial city.

With 24 volcanoes and countless lakes, rivers, and lagoons, Nicaragua is known as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.” Only in Nicaragua can you navigate through rivers and lakes from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

Nicaragua is also proud of its tremendous ecological variety with more than 70 different eco-systems. In Nicaragua you will discover 7% of the world’s bio-diversity and learn why Nicaragua is considered “the second lung of the Americas.”

Nicaragua offers incredible opportunities of breathtaking scenery, adventure and relaxation; and you’ll experience them all during  your private luxury travel in your eco-chic luxury property.


Glide rapidly down the black sands of a steep volcano. If that sounds a bit extreme, it’s because it is. It’s Ash Boarding, the new extreme sport which allows visitors to descend the volcanic ash of Cerro Negro strapped onto a board. Bound down the side for an amazing adventure on foot.


From humble roots dating back to 1890 at the San Antonio Sugar Mill in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua, Flor de Caña has grown to be Central America’s leading rum. And the traditions and heritage of the rum’s makers have remained unchanged throughout the centuries. Today, the fifth generation of the Pellas family continues to guide the Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua with a commitment to expert craftsmanship, the finest natural ingredients, and the unique slow-aging process which sets Flor de Caña rums apart from any other.

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