Nepal and Bhutan
if your goal is to touch the Souls of the Trip’s partecipants you don’t have choice but India


  • India offers ancient and splendid Maharaja Palaces turned into luxury Hotels which themselves worth well the trip
  • India is comfortably reached by important Air Companies flying into the most important cities of the Mother Land
  • India offers exclusive Ground Services: splendid Locations, comfortable Means of Trasport, excellent Guides, great Restaurants and of course amazing Hotels
  • the proverbial Indian Flexibility  helps tremendously to create  programs tailored on the Companies’ profiles
  • it is easy to present a very high Standard Style trip at interesting Costs
in India for Your extraordinary Events, Incentives & Conventions:

  • feeling like a Maharaja by staying in Palace Hotels
  • relaxing at the most with an authentic Ayurveda Massage
  • spotting the wonderful Bengal Tigers
  • sipping champagne at sunset in front of one of the seven wonders the magnificent Taj Mahal
  • testing the best of Indian cusine with these top-rated recipes for Curries, Tandoori Chicken, Chutneys and more tasted Faves, famous Lentils and myriad Spices
  • learning how to cook a real Basmati Rice by an exclusively a Indian Cuisin Class made up for you

…..and more to discover

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Golden Tips
  • Minimum stay 6 Nights
  • Best Season from November to April (from half April to half May BEST VALUE!)
  • The Trip: The Golden Triangle
  • Not to be missed: Bollywood Theme Gala Dinner
  • Budget for a complete Mice Program: starting from € 1,300 p.p.


Looking for filling and satisfying all your senses, enjoying all beauties and delights of a place but also enriching your heart and soul?

India definitely achieves your goal! It is a wonderful land of faiths, beliefs, silence, flowers, scents, colors, and also a land of children’s sweet smiles, kajal make-up beautiful eyes, innate elegance of women in Sari: ‘Charm’ defines this incredible Country!


To cite Mark Twain, “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India!”

What makes India different from any other destination is the myriad of experiences that it offers, could them be mental or physical. Here the ancient meets and mixes up with modernity; one of the reasons why travelers come back here as repeaters.


The Golden Triangle steals the limelight when you begin your tailor-made journey:  heritage, history, culture, modern lifestyle, delectable delicacies and local handicrafts

DELHI, it lies not just in its past glory as the seat of empires and magnificent monuments, but also in the rich and diverse cultures, sprinkled with dazzling gems: captivating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, architectural wonders, a vivacious performing-arts scene, fabulous eating places and bustling markets.

AGRA…awake with the sunrise at one of the sevent wonders of the world…the immense mausoleum of white marble dedicated to love, or catch a beautiful sunset  from a private balcony of your luxury hotel at the stunning  Taj Mahal.

JAIPUR get out from your magnificent  Hotel, strolling around the vibrant Pink City and stop breathless in front of the amazing pink-washed Palace of the Winds, riding an Elephant to the top of the outstanding Amber’ Fortress, visiting astonishing Temples, having fun in the city’s Boutiques and colorful Markets. All this and more make Jaipur the pearl of India


Varanasithe oldest  holy city  is set on the banks of the sacred river Ganges. Millions of pilgrims at the banks of the Ganges, with complete devotion to the goddess Ganga, against the backdrop of the ancient temples. Young priests from neighbouring ashrams complete their daily rituals, looking out onto the holy Ganga, whilst chiming bells create a cacophony of sound, while sacred music spreads in the air.  Devotees light little flicking oil lamps that are floated down the river, which looks absolutely stunning in the early evening light as the sun sets. Varanasi is One of the most touching experience of lifetime!


The most tribally diverse, artistically decorative, architecturally magnificent and regal region in India.

The incredible light, the landscapes of the desert and ancient Aravali mountains, the romance of Rajasthan’s heritage and chivalry, the hospitality and humor of its people.

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Udaipur where the balconies and cupolas of granite and marble City Palace are reflected in the Pichola Lake. This wonderful State offers endless luxury amenities, starting from the hotels, that are on top of the most beautiful hotels in the World: elegantly preserved in the old charm of the Maharajas’ residential Palaces.


Exceptionally beautiful and tranquil, this south Indian state is characterized by meandering rivers, rice fields, spice plantations, verdant hills and palm-fringed beaches. A gentle place in this most captivating areas, including the charming port city of Kochi (Cochin) and the backwaters, which can be explored by boat for a wonderful glimpse into rural village life. It’s not only Kerala’s scenic splendor that will win your heart, but also its friendliness, spirituality and spicy cuisine.

This little wonder is nicknamed ‘God’s Own Country’. Stay anchored in a stylish resort in a postcard-perfect setting and enhance your mind-body-and-soul-satisfying sojourn. The rich vegetation and wealth of herbs in Kerala…it is believed that the cosmetic and therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments practiced here. are the most superior you can enjoy.  Experience rebirth at the Vaidyasala, the Ayurveda Village that harnesses the ancient secrets of the world’s oldest healing system, to rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalize your body, mind and spirit.


The locals in India are some of  the most genuinely helpfull and kind peolpe you will ever meet. No wonder the Mahatma Ghandi was born here, you will recognize  these characteristics in the sweet smiles of the barefoot children, in the beautiful eyes expertly rigged with kajal of the women wrapped in their colored and the wise looks of the elders.

Last, but not least India is a great place to shop. Its handicraft is simply irresistible. Silk and Jewelry are lovely along with spices, precious and semi-precious stones.