• Because it’s an awe-inspiring destination for any meeting, conference or event and incentive travelers will be blown away by the uniqueness of the experience
  • Because exotic creatures, unusual experiences and fine destination await for your TOP Incentive clients!
  • Because Botswana represents one of Africa’s top destinations thanks to its unique nature
  • Because you’ll meet the mysterious Okavango Delta while seeing the labyrinth of lakes and hidden channels that combine to form the largest inland delta in the world
  • Because your Guests will be astonished and hurt by the beauty of a river cruise on a luxury houseboat
  • Because Chobe Game Lodge offers spectacular views and an abundance of close-up elephant encounters
  • Ride a Mokoro in the Okavango Delta, skimming the reed-fringed waterways of the Okavango Delta in a dugout canoe
  • Admire the ancient Baobabs in Nxai Pan National Park: that giant upturned carrot” is how explorer Dr. David Livingstone said to describe the baobab, an immense tree with a titanic trunk evolutionarily suited to store water in harsh environments
  • A river cruise is one of the best ways of encountering Chobe’s wildlife. Large elephant and buffalo herds congregate on the banks and the birdlife is just incredible
  • Just for the most top vip clients: Chobe Under Canvas offers a taste of a bygone era: a silver service mess tent, hot-water bucket showers and an always on-the-move location

…and much more to discover!

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Golden Tips
  • Best period: it is hot and dry for most of the year as the climate is semi-arid with little difference between summer and winter temperatures. Rainfall is mainly in summer with heavy downpours that dry up quickly. The best time to visit Botswana is during the southern hemisphere’s spring and autumn
  • Minimum stay: 4 nights, two for Chobe National Park and two for the Okavango Delta
  • Apart from lions and crocodiles, pay your maximum attention to hypos while crossing the Okavango Delta and in case you decide to take a bath!
  • Experience the stunning beauty, the unimaginable vastness, the isolation, the astoundingly prolific wildlife of the best kept African secret; one of Africa’s greatest wildlife experiences along the Okavango and Chobe Rivers hosting the teeming animal life

The UNESCO, officially declared the Okavango Delta its 1,000th World Heritage.

A unique safari experience in a spectacular setting, you will be amazed by a Luxury Safari Boat; this state-of-the-art luxury cruiser drifts down the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers in northern Botswana and Namibia. The guest bedrooms with sliding windows opening onto the water and the 360 degree view deck offers idyllic viewing for African wildlife as well as brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

Or…on the back of an African Elephant…standing more than 4 meters tall, weighing nearly 4 tons in muscles and bones; according to certain it would be impossible to ride. In this part of the world, the bush wakes up very early in the morning. Along the snaking Okavango River, a special procession is making space for themselves amongst trees and tall grass. A row of elephants winds through the Okavango Bush with grace and peace.

Or…on board of your canoe, the safari takes on a new dimension with a different point of view on the bush and its wildlife. On the water, take the time to look, listen and smell… a few hours will be enough to be in harmony with the nature. And in the evening while everyone recalls the strongest moments of the day sipping on their drink around the fire, the local Chef prepares a sumptuous dinner.


It has a wide variety of landscapes – vast savannah plains, arid deserts and enormous glittering water deltas.  The progressing seasons influence each of these diverse areas in different ways, so any time could be the ideal time for planning to visit this destination.

You can enjoy a marvelous trip here at any time of year; it’s a country with huge numbers and a particularly wide variety of animals – more elephant than any other, lots of cats and abundant birdlife. At times the landscape can change before your eyes, as the annual Okavango “flood” advances through May and June, or as a summer thundershower causes desert flowers to spring to life. December to March draws over a hundred migrant birds to the Okavango Delta, while the dry last six months of the year see plains game and elephants gathering in phenomenal numbers on the savannah plains of Savuti, Selinda and Linyanti.

Most of the country is uninhabited and given over to wildlife and  the Government wisely pursues a policy of discouraging mass tourism. This protects the environment and means that you can enjoy a wonderfully private experience from remote luxurious camps. Because many are located on private reserves a wide variety of game viewing activities are possible, from open vehicles to horseback, boats, canoes, quad bikes and fascinating walking activities.


A quirk of geology causes the great Okavango River to run inland, finishing its course in the centre of the desert creating an enormous green fertile oasis called the Okavango Delta.  Swaying palm trees, oceans of rich grassland and abundant pure water create a paradise for millions of animals.  You can explore the Okavango Delta from your exclusive camp with expert guides by open vehicle and on short fascinating walks. On a Botswana safari you can glide silently along breathtakingly beautiful waterways in a mokoro canoe or take a lazy boat cruise as the sun sets and flocks of birds come home.

This Delta in Botswana, surrounded by the Kalahari desert is fed by the Okavango River which starts in the mountains of Angola. Instead of flowing to the Atlantic Coast it runs inland, before becoming trapped a complex network of geological fault lines. The Okavango Delta is a miraculous living thing, replenished spectacularly between April and June following rains in Angola. Then, you can see this “flood” of fresh waters spreading visibly at a mile a day through the narrow channels and lagoons, creeping into the edges of floodplains and islands. The water is so pure that you can safely drink it.


The Chobe National Park is one of country’s best known wildlife conservations – one of the largest on the African continent. The park is best known for its huge concentrations of elephants – some 120,000 individuals.

The Chobe National Park offers extreme contrasts and a variety of wildlife experiences. It covers a variety of vegetation types that vary from tropical habitats like the Linyanti swamp to the extreme desert like landscape of the Savuti, and the sands of the Brachestegia woodlands to the lush grasslands of the Chobe floodplains.

The wildlife is also diverse and ranges from water animals like crocodiles, hippos and a variety of fish species to the forest and dry land species like buffalo, giraffe, eland, elephants and zebra. Predators are numerous, especially in the Savuti area, including cheetah, hyena, leopard and lion. There are also over 450 species of bird in the park.

Explore the Chobe River in the dry season with its huge herds of elephants and buffalo, or brave a rainy season safari where you will bear witness to thousand of migrating zebra being chased on all sides by ravenous predators. The park offers wonderful photographic opportunities.