• Colombia is the heart of Latin America, a region that extends its territory into the Amazon Rainforest
  • The colonial cities, we just mention Cartagena, offer an incredible fusion of cultures and traditions, really appreciated by Incentive guests.
  • Salsa dancing in Cali represents one team building option amongst many other
  • Extraordinary people with extraordinary stories are happy to host foreigners in their beautiful country
  • Colombia’s year-round altitude-dependant climate allows for the farming of a variety of fruits all year round. Colombia has fruits which grow in every climate, whether cold, warm, tropical, or dry, and many fruits are native to Colombia and cannot be found anywhere else in the world: a large number of fresh fruit produce stalls, stores, and street vendors who sell freshly picked fruit all over the city.

Thanks to an economic, cultural and social revival in recent years, Colombia has preserved, rescuing its battered image from the past in favor of an incredible fashionable and secure one.

On the Caribbean coast Cartagena attracts a significant share of visitors also thanks to its port that welcome many cruises itineraries: aside from cobblestone streets and colonial architecture…there are beautiful beaches, thriving nightlife and elegant hotels in the designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bogotá, Colombia’s political and cultural capital, is slowly becoming one of Latin America’s most lively and popular cities. Full of art, fashion, culture, history, opportunities, and unique experiences, Bogotá is a great city to visit and live. The whole of Colombia is rapidly becoming a must-see tourist destination, with a large increase in visitors from all around the world within the last five years.

Cartagena de Indias,  is perhaps the most visited tourist attraction in the whole of Colombia: the beautiful and colourful streets, stunning colonial architecture, and wealth of amazing restaurants, bars, and museums make it an incredibly attractive place for Colombian travellers to spend a few days.

In the evenings, a chivas bus ride is one way to get the fiesta started, with revelers tapping their feet to the live music aboard before taking off and enjoying their aguardiente, a traditional Colombian liquor, elsewhere.

The beautiful Rosario Archipelago, also known as, the Coral Islands of Rosario: 30 islands make up the protected marine park, which consists of one of the richest ecosystems in the Caribbean Sea. Spend the day relaxing on the white-sand beaches or diving into the crystal clear water with your snorkel gear!

Whatever you choose to experience, both are perfect places to relax and enjoy this tropical paradise.

learn about growing and harvesting coffee beans, you will also be introduced to the complex process of coffee production, a science as sophisticated as making wine.

Exploring the typical ‘finca, you can walk among the coffee trees and get a peak inside the roasting process. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to try some of the finest coffee, made right before your eyes!

  • La Candelaria is Bogotá’s historic center, with colorful, colonial, traditional buildings, and hidden restaurants and shops. This neighborhood is picturesque and unique, and is the home to many of Colombia’s ministry buildings, the presidential houses, and Plaza Bolivar. La Candelaria is steeped in history and gives visitors an insight into the past of the city and Colombia: explore the cobblestone streets and discover the colorful and beautifully restored colonial mansionswith their carved wooden balconies
  • Climb the 3000-meter Cerro de Monserrate comfortably by cable car while you enjoy the majestic view of the city
  • The Gold Museum houses the largest collection of pre-Colombian goldsmith work in the world with over 34,000 pieces!
  • You can also take a stroll through the Botero Museum, which is home to Fernando Botero’s work, including his private collection, containing over 85 masterpieces of artists like Dalí and Picasso
  • Take the rest of the day strolling through the city and taking in the intense atmosphere of one of Latin America’s most vibrant metropolis. Walk along the modern boulevards and historic neighborhoods to get a first impression, then spend the night in your modern art deco style hotel
  • To sample the street food: Colombian street food is delicious, with everything from fruit, to dessert to breakfast served by street vendors. The vast majority of street food is prepared or cooked in front of customers, on grills, chopping boards, or blended in juicers. Street food is cheap, and can be found on many street corners
  • Touch Botero’s Gertrudis for luck: It’s said that touching the (ample) left breast of Fernando Botero’s famous ‘Fat Gertrude’ statue, located in the heart of Old Town Cartagena, will grant you good luck, so make sure to try it out when you pass by
  • You can also pose for a fun photo with the famous colored fruit sellers, called palenqueras, who sit along the streets of Old Town Cartagena
  • COLOMBIA EN COLORES is a DMC specialized in MICE business founded by Marc Glatigny in 1997, with its headquarters in Bogotà and operating offices in major cities such as Cartagena
  • His team consists of young, highly trained, dynamic staff, able to propose creative and cultural solutions throughout the vast Colombian territory
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  • Best period to visit Colombia is from December to April during the dry season
  • Suggested minimum length of your Incentive stay: 2 nights in Bogotà and 3 in Cartagena