With more than 500 species of birds and the largest jaguar population on earth, your travel in Belize offers outstanding opportunities for nature lovers and their kids. Parents can even watch as their children locate adorable manatees off the coast!

Spend a day of your Belize trip at Caracol, its largest Mayan ruin, found deep in the forest near its Guatemalan border. Marvel at the astonishingly tall stone structures that cover an area much larger than Belize City while you ponder the unknown fate of the legendary Mayan civilization. We also recommend hiking through the rainforest and wading through rivers to reach the famed Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave system, where you can swim and boulder through the cave just as Mayans priests once did! Previously used by Mayan shamans as a human sacrificial site, you will be amazed to find intact stoneware, crystallized skeletons ( the most famous is that of a young girl ) and impressive ceramics that date back to pre-Colombian times inside.

Finally, the famous “Blue Hole“, a pure jewel discovered by Jacques Cousteau at the end of the sixties, is truly extraordinary. White sand, calypso, reggae and the simple pleasures in life are the characteristic elements of this destination.


Whether you’re seeking a family vacation, romantic rendezvous, or active adventure, our Belize luxury vacations have it all.

Sparkling beaches, ancient sites, picturesque villages, lush rainforests, and a local people whose happiness is so powerful and contagious. During your luxury Belize vacation, we recommend embracing the breezy Belizean way of living.

This peaceful country consists of five communities of different origins which form Belize today. Belonging to the Commonwealth, with its official language being English, it is a tropical enclave that conceals incredible Mayan sites, and completely wild virgin jungles. Come across small lodges nested in the forest, where many animal species are still greatly protected. It also boasts the second largest coral barrier reef in the world that is home to endless species of fish, making luxury travel in Belize an enticing experience unlike any other in Central America.

No time to lose for the adventure enthusiasts during their luxury vacation in Belize. From scuba diving alongside nurse sharks in the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere; zip-line through the lush green jungle; explore the mysterious mossy Mayan ruins; and surf the swells of the Caribbean Sea.

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