• Morocco is a beautiful, exotic and easy to reach Destination
  • it is so different: from Desert to Atlas Mountains, from Atlantic to Mediterranean, from Rural spots to vibrant Imperial Cities
  • Hotels, Riads, Palaces, Restaurants, Venues, Excursions, Entertaiments suit  perfectly to the most sofisticated  Mice’s requests
  • there is no need for a great budget, to offer a very elegant and charming ‘Tailor Made Trip’ suited to a Mice Travel
  • the great flexibility of its local professionals in the turism field helps to handle the very last minute and peculiar Mice’s requests
  • driving a 4×4 among the Dunes and resting in charming Tents in the magic silence of the Sahara Desert
  • strolling in the cheerful clamour of the Moroccan Medinas & Squares
  • enjoying the most fun shopping ever: the bright colored Fabrics, the all wanted Argan Products, the  amazing Handicrafs
  • being swept away by the beauty of high professional Belly Dancers while testing an authentic Tajin
  • sipping a delicious Mint Tea overlooking the unique vibrant square Jemaa el Fna at sunset
  • sharing a Nargilé in a trendy chic Club
  • indulging an authentic Hamman in the amazing Moroccan Spa

….and much more to discover

  • MTM Travel staff is very attentive to each client’s specific request
  • MTM Travel offers a high quality presentation on its proposals
  • MTM Travel provides costs that fit perfecly with the quality provided
  • MTM Travel standard of creativity is at the height of its Clients
  • MTM Travel’s speed of its answers induces Mice Professionals to choose it as an ideal Partner

Up To Your Expectations

  • 5 nights stay
  • Best period : from February to June and from Septembee to December
  • Marrakech & Desert in Tented Camp
  • Do not miss: a drink at sunset at Jema el Fna square
  • minimun budget for a complete Mice program: € 1,000.00 pp.


Morocco can be easily defined a real feast for the senses

It is a great privilege to know the splendors of Morocco. This magnificent Country offers so many amazing experiences: epic scenery into the Sahara Desert enjoying dazzling sunsets, indulging in the lovely Mediterranean beaches of the ancient city of Tangeri,

being impressed by the gentleness waters of the Atlantic Ocean where lies smoothly the pearl of Morocco Essaouira.

Spending a night  on the  Atlas Mountains makes you feel at 4.000 meters high, makes you feel like on the top of the world

But the magic begins when you travel through the Imperial cities of Morocco: FezRabatMeknes ending in the spectacular imperial city of Marrakech. From the oldest to the most recent, the four imperial cities were founded by important dynasties in order to be the capital of its kingdom. Discover these cities means to plunge into the heart of the history and culture of an ancestral civilization.


This so pretty imperial city, founded in the mid-11th Century,  is the chief city of central Morocco, surrunded by a vast palm grove. The medina in Marrakech is called ‘the red city’ because of its buildings and ramparts of beaten clay. The heart of the  medina is the vibrant and unique marketplace Square Jamaa el-Fna

Mosques, high minarets, parks, gardens, ancient palaces, modern neighbourhoods, spectacular nighclubs elegant exotic-chic and fun places suitable for amazing gala dinners, luxury hotels, typical riads, the chance to dive into the Berbers’ together with all the unique experiences listed above, still make of Marrakech the enquestionable Queen of the World Mice Travel.



Moroccan cuisine is extremely refined, it is a mix of different cultures among which stand out the  Arab, the Spanish the Berbers. It’s considered one of the most important cuisine of the world, rich in flavor even strong but always balanced. The most famous dishes one cannot miss are: vegetable couscous, meat tajin, eggplant zaalouk, tharira and sweet bastilla.

Morocco invokes images of glittering cities, colorful markets, spiced cuisine blend together to form  unique atmosphere of a certain kind of oriental charm. Despite the bombardment of colors, the tranquil corner is hidden inside the marvellous SPA. Away from the bustle of the cities, bazaar … you may recharge your batteries and indulge a donkey milk or hammam treatments with first class amenities along with a warming hospitality.

Marrocan SPA are authentic lush even!