• For having fun in the unbridled Movida in the modern city
  • For fascinating in front of a world-class Engineering Work: the Canal of Panama
  • For “sailing” in a surprising mix of wild nature
  • For  the security that only a peaceful country like Panama can guarantee
  • For  dining with indigenous tribes in the heart of the rainforest
    For experiencing a unique colonial atmosphere, in the shadow of Casco Viejo
  • For warming up in its immense beaches
  • For enjoying top-notch services for Convention and Meeting
  • For getting wild at the rhythm of a provocative “salsa”
  • For knowing the Fascinating History of a “New” Country
    For being pampered by the attentions and luxury of its brand new hotels
  • For the Superb Connections with U.S. and Europe: Iberia – KLM – Lufthansa– Air France – American Airlines – Avianca – Copa Airlines – Delta Airlines –
  • Because PANAMA represents the Absolute News!
  • Party transfer with “diablos rojos” or “chivas parranderas”
  • Gala dinner in the Unesco ruins of Panama Viejo
  • Afro-Caribbean folkloric carnival show
  • Sunset cruise in Panama City’s Pacific bay on a mega-catamaran
  • Encounter with Embera indians, after self-drive of 4WD vehicles
  • Tropical fauna observation
  • Historic train ride on the “gold rush” railroad
  • Speed-lancha ride on the Panama Canal
  • Private flight to an island, for a day use on a deserted beach surrounded by turquoise waters
  • Skyscraper rooftop pool parties
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  • Minimum stay: 5 nights
  • Best period: end of November till beginning of May has average temperatures around thirty/thirty three degrees which is the best period suggested as the season is drier than the rest of the year ( may till November ) that sees the same temperature but with more humidity and rain.
  • Start with Panamanian coffee: this is an absolute must if you are a coffee person.Panamanian coffee of the Geisha variety is extremely special and expensive, so be sure to enjoy every sip of the cherished elixir. This is a perfect way to start your day, and it just might convince you to move to Panama, because this cup of coffee is that smooth, rich, powerful and magical—the perfect cup of joy.
  • Spend an afternoon at the Biomuseo: located in Amador, it was designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry. Its eight galleries trace the origins of the Panamanian isthmus and its impact on the planet’s biodiversity. It’s an incredible, interactive museumdedicated to the evolution of biodiversity as we know it, a spectacle not to be missed.
  • Explore Casco Viejo by day or night: Casco Viejo is the second most-visited neighborhood of Panama City. Once a dangerous area patrolled by gangs, it is now a UNESCO protected district, made up of renovated colonial houses, boutique hotels, fine-dining restaurants and some of the best coffeehouses in town. Best enjoyed after the sun goes down, Casco Viejo is standing proof of Panama’s beginnings. Explore the old town with a guide to fully understand all it hides within its walls, from incredible remains to anecdotes about Panama from centuries ago. Along with it being a history-rich slice of Panama, Casco Viejo is also known for its epic nightlife.
  • An unforgettable Gala Dinner organized inside Panama Viejo that is all that remains from the old city of Panama, founded in 1519 by Spanish conquistador Pedro Arias de Ávila. The ruins, today a UNESCO heritage site, are the oldest monument you will find in Panama City.
  • Emberra: encounter, after a canoe riding, one of the seven tribes still living in the jungle: it’s a true experience that you’ll never forget! Panama is home to eight ethnic groups of Amerindian indigenous people : the Ngobe-Bugle, Kuna, Embera, Wounaan, Naso-Teribe, Bokota, Guaymi, and Talamanca. All of them have their own culture, beliefs and language. The largest tribes have been granted by the State their own “Comarca”, or autonomous province. Despite an ongoing assimilation to the Western modern way of life, most of the indigenous tribes still live according to their millennial traditions, which you will discover during a day trip to an Embera or Kuna community.
  • Panama Canal: Undoubtedly the most visited place in Panama City, the Canal is a 48-mile (77km) long artificial waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. A visit to Panama City is not complete without a visit to the magnificent famous Gatun New Locks at the Panama Canal. Watching this marvelous masterpiece, unique all over the world, makes you feel little in front of this giant crossed by enormous and impressive ships.
  • Walk the Cinta Costera: best saved for around sunset or early in the day to catch the sunrise, the Cinta Costera is an incredible sight to see. Quite possibly the most gorgeous seaside walk in Panama City, it is completely free. The Cinta Costera also runs along the ever-trendy, upscale Avenida Balboa, so if you’ve worked up an appetite, walk over for a bite to eat on a balcony overlooking the city.
  • Enjoy a bowl of sancocho: bottomless coffee and freshly baked bagels make a divine combination at New York Bagel Café. This conveniently located café is a praised staple among locals, visitors, and expats alike.
  • Mercado do Mariscos: Whether you are looking for a place to have a cheap and delicious ceviche, or if you want to buy fresh seafood directly from the fishermen, the Mercado de Mariscos is a place full of character that brings together people from all walks of life.


Panama’s capital has plenty of attractions and outdoor experiences to offer to both visitors and locals, from the local coffee and cuisine to the natural wonders and historical sights.

There is so much to choose from, in Panama City that only a reliable DMC like QUETZAL MOTIVO can help you navigate the Central American megalopolis.

With its shimmering high-rise buildings and coastal location, Panama City in some ways resembles Miami. But it’s more often called the Dubai of Latin America, thanks to its attention-grabbing architecture and economic strength. Couple this big-city sophistication and growing business scene with the natural beauty just outside the city limits—not to mention the now-expanding Panama Canal—and it’s clear why more meeting planners are turning to this Central American hot spot.

The growth is indeed impressive. In the near future, Panama City will welcome a new convention center, a world-class cultural facility, a widened canal and a greatly expanded international airport. In addition, the capital city is in the midst of an unprecedented growth spurt in hotel development. Nearly every major international hotel company either has a hotel open in Panama City or has one—or more—in the works.

Panama is at the crossroads of the Americas and its ideal geographic position has led to the country becoming a major center of tourism, business and trade in America. Panama is projected to be one of the fastest-growing countries in Latin America and is a sought-after site for headquarters of multinational companies.

Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport is marketed as the “Hub of the Americas” by Copa Airlines.