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Together with China, RUSSIA is the largest state of the world!  It is a country so vast to be presented inside an extraordinary variety of landscapes and climates. From the coast over looking the Arctic Ocean, to the Ural mountain range, passing through the endless plains of the interior of the islands and archipelagos of the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific, the Russian Federation is a world unto itself. Since its language, the traditions and the ancient history. Caviar, vodka and dolls are among the symbols of Russia, a country that is striking for its contradictions, but also for its great vitality.

Russian cities are unique and have a charm enchanted, majestic as the capital Moscow or St. Petersburg, the most European city in the country: these two great cities offer the ideal base from which to explore the Country’s rich and diverse cultural and historical heritage:  the magnificent palaces, world-class museums, elegant canals and grand architecture together with the cosmopolitan atmosphere that you breath during the day and  the night make you fall in love with Russia!


The Capital  is a unique blend of modern architecture and old world charm. With its wide boulevards and monuments dominated by the golden domes of the churches.  The ‘Red Square’ is the heart of this big city: starting visiting the Kremlin is like to immerse yourself in a magical place, where churches, historical monuments, museums and beautiful gardens all follow one another; extremely thrilling. In 1990 he was awarded the title of World Heritage Site of Unesco. It was once the residence of the czars and you may feel the imperial charm from this amazing place. Basil’s Cathedral was and still is the symbol of Moscow, a real icon of ancient times. To enjoy a peaceful and charming time is walking through the park Kolomenskoe, a wonderful place, that presents outstanding examples of old Russian architecture, surrounded by magnificent trees with colors enchanting in any season of the year. But only after seeing the unforgettable classicalballet at the world famous Bolshoi Theater you will begin to truly feel in love with Russia!

Moscow is referred to as the “City That Never Sleeps”! A  powerful, magnificent city alive with lights and street entertainment. It offers a wide selection of places to go once the sun has set.  An excellent choice of bars, pubs, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, and theaters.


Designed to be elegant and neat!

Built on water and crossed by sinuous Neva, the historic center of the town had a kind of faded beauty, a shabby charm. The classical facades and the series of architectural variations look like a confectioner’s fantasy! Nothing so old should look so fresh and in the dreamlike, hypnotic atmosphere of the white nights, the whole city is a kind of illusion, as beautiful and ephemeral as a fairy palace sculpted in ice.

Most cities are built beside rivers  but there are few cities like St. Petersburg where water is as much a part of the city’s make-up as brick or stone. Built across the marshlands of the Neva River delta, St. Petersburg interlaces with around a hundred tributaries and canals  and over 800 bridges crossing them. A boat trips along the historic rivers and canals are an essential part of the stay in this magnificent city.  The  soul of the city is Nevsky Prospekt the central avenue is three miles long, never empty with people, so crowded and full of activity that seated outside an elegant cafe and watch the city flow by, it is really a right way to get to know this amazing city.

The HERMITAGE is by far the most precious jewel of the enchanting St Petersburg! Certainly is one of the largest and most prestigious museum in the world. Boast a collection of over 3.000.000 pieces from the entire world: masterpieces of Leonardo, Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, and more: valuable pieces of primitive cultures, oriental arts, cultures and arts of ancient world.  In spite of all this beauty, it’s easy to get distracted by the magnificence of the palaces itself: The Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the New Hermitage, the Hermitage Theater by their furnishings and the sumptuous imperial style.

It’s positive …you may lose your heart to St Petersburg!

If those two amazing cities are not enough to satisfy your curiosity for this country, experience a cruises aboard the exclusive and luxurious Volga Dream travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg and you will overwhelmed with emotions by admiring the surrounding beauty between those two pearls!

An unforgettable experience is also the unique the rail journeys on the famous elegant Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Vladivostok.


It is one of the best way to explore Russia’s diverse landscapes via train travel. The railway’s main claim to fame is being the longest continuous rail journey on earth at a jaw dropping 9,288 km in length. The Trans Siberian stretches all the way from one end of Russia all the way to the other!

For anyone with a love of overland travel, the Trans Siberian Railway should definitely be on your bucket list. You’ll embark on the same epic journey that traders, travelers, dignitaries and adventurers have been taking since 1916.

As for the scenery? Well, let’s just say it’s pretty hard to beat. From the classical grandeur of the great cities to rural fairy tale villages, the scenery slowly transforms to reveal the pristine wilderness of the Ural Mountains, the forests of Krasnoyarsk and the awe-inspiring Lake Baikal. The Trans-Siberian is a journey of mammoth proportions, and an experience of a lifetime.


Space adventures for everybody who has a dream to become a space tourist and live a total weightlessness experience by a Zero-Gravity flight. You can start your space journey from having the space training in Y. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center. This Cosmonauts Training Center has unique facilities for cosmonauts’ training, such as space simulators and stands, Hydrolab, Centrifuges, Flying laboratories and many others.

The most important resource of GCTC is, people who have great work experience as space trainers. This training will help you to better understand the abilities of your body and try the same feelings as cosmonauts have during the space journey. The professional space trainers will support you during all your space adventures, offering you incredible space experiences in unique Hydro Laboratory where you can try yourself in outer space. You may try the rotation on the biggest Centrifuge TsF-18 in the world with 8 G overload. This overload is common for cosmonauts during their space adventures. All space tourists had this training before their space journey.

If you are not ready to have cosmonauts training we could enjoy to know the Star City Tour. You will visit GCTC and see all training facilities and know many interesting facts about being a cosmonaut.


Few other places can create such a profound sense of stepping back in time and leaving civilization far behind. Millions of years of volcanic activity have carved Kamchatka into a place of strangely prehistoric, undulating landscapes. Seen from the air, stark lava fields, gaping craters and mountainous tundra contrast with lush forests and shimmering lakes and rivers and the endless blue depths of the Pacific Ocean. With no roads or railways connecting it to the outside world, it’s no surprise that Kamchatka is a heaven for wildlife. Kamchatka travel specialists  will get you closer than you ever imagined to the wild inhabitants of the peninsula.

Kamchatka is one of the few places where you can walk among brown bears as they fish for salmon in the rivers. You’ll cruise along the Pacific coast to discover a spectacular abundance of marine mammals and birds. Climb to the summit of Avachinsky volcano, or as an option, stroll through the Valley of Geysers and see Kamchatka’s most spectacular natural monuments by helicopter. You won’t go without your creature comforts though – we wind down each day at a luxurious spa resort surrounded by Kamchatka’s hot springs.


Vodka and Caviar!

No one may claim to know Russia if he has not enjoyed the testing of different varieties of excellent caviar,  sipping the delicious and  prestigious  Russian Vodkas!


All services offered by this great country are excellent and offered with great style and professionalism. Hotel: charming, imperial palaces, boutique, design, luxury chains; restaurants: trendy, fun, delicious, classical, chic; best theaters; excellent guides.